The TiQ


The TiQ is compatible with > 85% of existing systems. It connects to all Ethernet and USB printers. 


The TiQ processes raw data and digitizes paper receipts instantly.

Power efficient

The TiQ self manages it’s power in order to reduce electricity consumption.

White TiQ


The TiQ uses fast internet connection over WiFi or Ethernet to keep you updated and deliver your digital receipt in a second. 


The TiQ's purpose is to reduce printing and improve your operations.

Pocket size

The TiQ is small enough that it can fit in every configuration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A POS (Point Of Sales) system is the device you place and manage customer orders with. This is also the place where you initiate the paper receipt printing.

TiQuest is connected between the POS system and the printer. The TiQ is compatible with all the POS systems using USB or Ethernet to connect to the printer.

The TiQuest hardware (The TiQ) is outside the POS system. It doesn’t intefere with the POS system, it just collects the receipt when sent to the printer. You can disconect The TiQ whenever you want.

An internet connection over WiFi or via Ethernet cable is necessary for operation.

Nothing! The basic version of the app is free of charge. One unit of the TiQuest hardware (The TiQ) is delivered for free and installation support is free. Because we feel every Merchant should have the ability to reduce paper usage.

Once you receive your TiQuest hardware (The TiQ) you need to download our mobile/tablet app TiQuest Insights and link your TiQ. Data will appear approximately 24h after connecting the TiQ.

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