Digital Receipts

It’s time for electronic receipts

Every year, in Europe more than 3 million trees are used to print 150 billion paper receipts with a cost for shops of 750 millions euros. In Luxembourg it represents 3600 trees wasted for 180 million receipts.

It’s time to act

In collaboration with merchants restaurants and retailers, TiQuest is implementing an infrastructure for digital receipts in Europe. We are starting in Luxembourg with the ambition to make it the first totally paperless country in the world.

Digital receipts are good for everyone

Merchants gain a competitive advantage by accessing realtime insights to improve operations, grow revenue and adapt to the increasing demand for digital receipts among consumers and organizations.

Consumers will be actors of the end of paper receipts and get unprecedented accuracy to classify spendings by categories and products in order to clean up their finance. Product quality will be reviewed to offer health impact.

Companies can reduce their administrative cost by 3 the with a digital business expense implementation. The payment is moved from corporate business card to accounting software instantly. 

The planet is overused and it’s precious ressources are wasted. In a digital world, paper receipts are useless, toxic and annoying. Digital receipts save trees, water and CO2.

The story

We founded TiQuest in January 2020 after our selective 1 year Apple Developer Academy program. We worked on the latest contactless payment technology but the offline purchase experience were still providing a paper receipt.

We decided to develop a solution to digitise the paper receipt which combines a universal ready to use hardware and a proprietary algorithm.

The solution for the merchant is non invasive and set up in less than 5 minutes.
The solution for the customer is simple as magic, he just needs to pay by card to receive it's digital receipt instantly on his smartphone.

The vision

We live in an increasingly digital and connected world, with autonomous cars and reusable space rockets.

Mankind went on the moon 51 years ago with a spaceship less powerful than our actual smartphone but we are still printing useless and annoying paper receipts.

We are acting to stop that nonsense.

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Founder picture Alexandre MARQUET
Founder picture Christoph Brucknet
Founder picture Jaime Blasco
Founder picture Jaime Blasco