Digital receipt app for consumer

TiQuest Receipt screen on iPhone 11 pro

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The repository of all your receipt

All your receipts in one place to simplify exchange, warranty and refund processes.

The future of business expenses

Your detailed digital business expense receipt instantly from the shop to your accountancy software after card or contactless payment.

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Leverage the power of receipt data

Detailed information…

Supercharge your receipt with detailed product information like ingredients, nutrition and allergens and improve your purchase decision process.

… and statistics

Track your expenses more accurately, per product, brand or place and clean up your finance.

With accessibility

Digital receipts with adaptive font size and visually-impaired support.

TiQuest Receipt screen on iPhone 11 pro

First step in a world without paper receipts

Digital receipts for everyone

Our solution is designed to stop printing paper receipts. We send you your digital receipt instantly when you pay by card or contactless.

Cost cutting on tree

Reduce your paper consumption while having a positive environmental impact. On a yearly basis, one consumer gets 300 paper receipts with a total length of 60 meters.

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A floor full of paper receipt A clear floor with an iPhone running TiQuest Receipt app
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The protection of your data is our highest priority. 

Secure and encrypted

At TiQuest we use high security measures when handling your information. All connections between your device and our servers are encrypted with the latest standards in web technologies.

Privacy by design

We know your data is sensitive to you. We will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone, for any reason, at any time without your consent

Your data is always kept safe