Digital receipt management
for merchant

TiQuest Insight screen on iPad

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Your digital assistant of everyday

TiQuest Insights provides the tools and knowledge to better serve your customers.

Digitalize your operations

Automate cost analysis, get in‑depth customer data, gain operating efficiencies and increase your revenue by using TiQuest Insights with your existing POS system.

Take the next step

Leverage the power of receipt data

Capture, manage and utilize transaction data

Capture and analyze real‑time data with TiQuest Insights to gain valuable customer insights that will help transform your business.

Peace of mind

Remote monitor your sales directly from the palm of your hand every time & everywhere to take instant decisions.

New technologies, new habits

TiQuest Insight screen on iPhone

Empower your existing POS system with The TiQ

Set-up in a minute

Connect The TiQuest Hardware (The TiQ) to your paper receipt printer by USB or Ethernet and … That’s it.

Ready to use

The TiQ is easily integrated with your existing system and process, reducing the need for a costly hardware / software upgrade.

Don’t let legacy systems limit your capabilities

Printer printing paper receipt infinitely
Printer printing paper receipt infinitely

First step in a world without paper receipts

Digital receipts for everyone

Our solution is designed to stop printing paper receipts.
We offer instant digital receipts to your customers when they pay by card or contactless.

Cost cutting on paper

Reduce your cost on paper while having a positive environmental impact

Offer your customers the alternative to the classical paper receipt

A locker in a shield

The protection of your data is our highest priority. 

Secure and encrypted

At TiQuest we use high security measures when handling your information. All connections between The TiQ, your device and our servers are encrypted with the latest standard in web technologies.

Privacy by design

We know your data is sensitive to you. We will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone, for any reason, at any time without your consent

Your data is always kept safe

What people say about TiQuest Insights

”It’s great!

I like the way it keeps track of my daily revenue. It helps me and my business stay on track and visually see all the orders. This app is great since I don’t have to be physically present in my restaurant at all times that I may need any information"

”Daily routine

We use the app daily throughout the day for real time sales tracking. Helps us identify issues quickly so we can respond"

”User-friendly app!

 I love that things are constantly being updated in real-time it really makes it an exceptional tool"

”Pocket-sized info

Great way to keep an eye on sales, orders, etc from the convenience of my phone"

”Fundamental App

We love the dashboard. It’s a great way of getting a quick snapshot of daily sales or sales for a particular period. We use it to have an idea of prior day, week, year, so we can schedule on the fly"

”A must for any owner or manager

I get instant reports in simple visual graphs showing daily sales and employee sales, %, comparisons. It's amazing. Lets me be somewhere else and feel like I'm right there at the store"